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    Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune

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    Foundation Year for Central Library: 1989

    The BVDU Homoeopathic Medical College Library, Pune plays a vital role in the collection development and dissemination of Homoeopathic  Medical science and related disciples information to meet the present and future needs of its users which includes students, researchers and faculty.

    The BVDU Homoeopathic Medical College Library, Pune is specialized library consisting of 12885 documents on Medical Sciences and related disciples. The library is fully computerized using Library Management System of COMPUTRONICS integrated library management software. The collection of the library is available online through the web OPAC facility of the  Library Management System of COMPUTRONICS.

    Library Services:

    The library provides following services to its users:

    • Reference Service
    • Document Delivery Service
    • Inter Library Loan Service

    • Electronic Information Service
    • Photocopy Service
    • Digital Library Services

    The total area allocated for Central Library is 21.46 x 9.54 S.Meters and Reading Room Area 5.0 x 13.93 S.Meters___ meter which includes below mentioned departments.

    Reference Section

    Circulation Section

    Journals Bound Vols. Section

    Digital Library

    Reading Hall for Under Graduate Students

    Reading Hall for Staff and  Post Graduate Students

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