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    Social Sciences Centre, Erandawane, Paud Road,

    Pune 411 038

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    Foundation Year for Central Library: 1981

    The BVDU, Social Science Centre, (MSW), Pune, Library plays a vital role in the collection development and dissemination of Medical science and related disciples information to meet the present and future needs of its users which includes students, researchers and faculty.

    Library Timing  :                                 Monday  To  Saturday : 09 A.M  To  06 P.M

                                                                  Book  Issuing  Hour’s : 08 Hour’s

    Staff Details  :              1)  Librarian    :      01

                                          2)  Peon          :     01

    Library Collection :

                                      Total No Of  Books               :  9627

                                       Total Titles                           : 4445

                                       Total Reference/Text Books : 9627

                                        U .G.C  Books                      :  979

                                        Journal /Periodicals              :   65

                                        National                                :   32

                                        International                         :    03

                                        Magazine                              :    30

                                        Bound Volumes Of Journal   : 4535

                                        Dissertation/Thesis               :  327

                                        CD/DVD                                :   96

                                         Total Area Of Library           :  437 sq.m

                                          Stack Room                        :    35 sq.m

    Library Committee























    Mr.Amiri Mahomad

    Student Representative  


    Library Services and Facilities 

    • Home Lending Books
    • Reference Service
    • Reprographic Service
    • Photocopying
    • Scanning and Printing
    • Clipping Service
    • OPAC
    • Current Awareness Service
    • SDI
    • Inter Library Loan Service
    • Newspaper Facility
    • Library Software (LMS)
    • Internet
    • E-mail Alerts
    • Online Database
    • E-resources
    • Reading Room
    • Staff Reading Room
    • Computer Lab

    Inter Library Linkage

    •   Constitute Units of BVDU   :03

    •   Other University Library     :01

    •   Yashada Library                    :01

     Rules and Regulation:

    1. Eligibility for making the use of  Library

                    a)The person should be a bonafide student of the college.

                    b)Faculty Member/Staff member.

    1. Identity card and borrow card will be issued unless original receipt is produced. Student should renew their identity card annually before 31st August.
    2. While entering the library every student is required to enter his/her name and sign the register kept at the counter.
    3. Smoking consumption of Gutaka, spitting and similar objectionable acts are strictly prohibited in the library premises.
    4. The reader should not write in the book or spoil the book in many manners or damage any property belonging to library.
    5. If any book lost the reader shall have to replace the same and if any other property is damaged or broken it shall be made could by reader and shall have to pay the value of the same as may determine by the college, the minimum is one or two times value of the book.
    6. Periodicals will not be issued outside the library.
    7. The issue of books for home lending is subject to the maintainace of the deposit with the college.
    8. This deposit will be refunded after all the books are returned to the library.
    9. Two books will be issued on the borrows card for a week  , renewal of books allowed  once only.
    10. Any book not returned on the date is subject to late fee Rs.1/- per day after expiry of due date.
    11. All the students should strictly note that they must carry their Identity cards and produce the same whenever demanded by the concerned staff.
    12. Books will be issued only on valid identity cards and current library cards.
    13. Loss of  identity cards and borrowers cards reported at once. Duplicate identity cars ,borrowers cards will be issued but if any misuse is dictated one the original card student will be liable to make any such loss. for duplicate identity cars/borrowers card Rs.50/- will have to be paid. Therefore the identity as well as borrowers card should be kept very carefully are proper care should be taken to ensure it will not be lost.
    14. Librarian may refuse to issue any book to any member or he may recall any book without assigning any reason thereof




    • Dr. S R Ranganathan ( Father of Library Science)


      Five Laws of Library and Information Science Enunciated by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

       I   Books are for use.

      II   Every reader his or her book.

      III  Every book its reader.

      IV Save the time of the reader.

      V  Library is a growing organism.

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           Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemd University

          MEMBERSHIP RULES FOR MSW -(Library)

                         General Instructions:


          • Library is open to bonafide members only.
          • Membership is conferred to the faculty members, research scholars, students and staff members after applying through Principal / Director / Dean / HOD and remains valid for full tenure, though renewal of Membership is due on 1st July every year.
          • Membership to non-teaching staff is also considered as per recommendations of the Principal / Director / Dean / HOD.
          • Outsiders may be allowed by the Librarian for consultation on production of recommendation of Principal / Director / Dean / HOD and photo identity card.
          • All users must maintain peaceful environment of study within and around _MSW(LIBRARY)
          • Talking, eating, smoking, sleeping is strictly prohibited.
          • Use of Mobile Phone will result in cancellation of Library Membership.
          • Laptops and Tablets may be used to access e-resources using                 Wi-Fi connectivity.
          • Member should produce their ID card for borrowing library documents. Borrowing rights of members are not transferable.
          • Any violation of these LIBRARY Rules shall lead to forfeiture of the membership of concerned member. Appropriate disciplinary action may also be imposed.
          • Entry in LIBRARY premises is allowed only after verifying Identity Cards and should produce it on demand by any authorized LIBRARY staff.
          • A member must enter his / her name, address and time of entry and put his / her signatures legibly in the register kept at the entrance for the purpose as a token of his acceptance to abide by the LIBRARY rules.
          • Following articles that may cause undue inconvenience to other members are strictly prohibited inside the premises of MSW (LIBRARY):

          o       Private books and printed matters other than belonging to LIBRARY.

          o       Mobile phones, computer stationery, compact discs.

          o       Umbrella, briefcases, boxes and such other articles.

          o       These may be kept outside near the security staff by members on their own risk.

          Use of MSW (LIBRARY) Materials

          • Member may use OPEC to ascertain availability of material needed by them as per entitlement.
          • Member may use Member Issue Status to know the status / history of books issued / returned.
          • Reading materials may be used within MSW (LIBRARY) premises or borrowed for external use.
          • Members should visit reference books, latest journals, Ph.D. thesis, magazines, news papers and 2nd floor for bound journals, dissertations, books from general collection, Book Bank, end-term question papers and should visit Computer Lab to access e-journals, e-books and Online databases.
          • Borrowers are requested for safe & careful use of Library documents and must ensure that the Library documents borrowed by them retained in sound condition.
          • Before borrowing Library documents on loan, the members should ensure good condition of the documents. Any mutilations / damage should be brought to the notice of the In-charge of Circulation Counter. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage of the document(s) and he / she may have to replace the same or pay the damage 1.5 times of the cost of document.