• About Library

    Foundation Year for Central Library: 1989

    The BVDU Medical College Library plays a vital role in the collection development and dissemination of Medical science and related disciples information to meet the present and future needs of its users which includes students, researchers and faculty.

    The BVDU Medical College Library is specialized library consisting of 18127 documents on Medical Sciences and related disciples. The library is fully computerized using SOUL integrated library management software. The collection of the library is available online through the web OPAC facility of the SOUL.

    Library Services:

    The library provides following services to its users:

    • Reference Service
    • Document Delivery Service
    • Current Awareness Service
    • Inter Library Loan Service
    • Electronic Information Service
    • Photocopy Service
    • Digital Library Services

    In our Central Library there are total 18127 books available, Journal subscribed per year are 176.  The Journals are classified as Indian and Foreign in which 88 are Indian and 88 are foreign.  There is 2978 bounded back issue journals.

    The total area allocated for Central Library is 11,105sq. ft., / 1032.06sq meter which includes below mentioned departments.


    College Main Building: includes Digital Library, which occupies 1750 sq. ft. area.  Digital Library having 45 no. of computers and having 12 Mbps internet connection provided by UGC Infonet also additional Reliance leased line connection of 4 Mbps is available. There are online Journals Subscribed 88 and 208 online Books available in Digital Library. Also there are total 19,177 online free and open access journal available through J-gate plus and Delnet subscription. All these are provided without any charge to students and staff.  Printer facility is also available for all the Digital Library users.  In Digital Library we are providing training to our teaching staff and non-teaching staff.  Digital library is open for access from Morning 9.00 AM to Evening 8.00 PM.

    First Floor: includes Stack Room, which occupies 2250 sq. ft. area.  Stack room includes Librarian Cabin, books that are to be issued to students and staff. Photocopy facility is also provided here.

    Second floor: includes Reference sections, which occupies 950 sq. ft. area Reference Section includes all the reference books required for students and staff.  There is a sitting arrangement for 25 PG students and teaching staff at a time.

    Third floor: includes Journal Section, which occupies 750 sq. ft. area.  Journal section includes printed Journals and bound Journals.  There is a sitting arrangement for 25 PG students and teaching staff at a time.

    Fifth floor: includes Reading Hall 2, occupying 2200 sq. ft. area, where at a time 240 students can sit.

    The reading hall facility is available for 24 hours including Sunday.  We have implemented Computerized Library concept, and we are sing Soul Software for maintaining all the library data. 

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