• Library Rules and Regulations

    • Library Working Hours              
      • Reading Hall            :      9.00 A.M  to 6.00 P.M
      • Circulation of Books :      9.30 A.M  to 5.00 P.M

    The Library will remain closed on Sunday and Holidays declared by Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed To Be University, Pune

    • Eligibility for Making the use of library                                                                                           
      • The person should be a bonafide student of the college.
      • Faculty member / staff member                                                                                                            
    • Identity card and borrow card will not be issued unless original receipt is produced student should renew their identity card annually before 31st August.
    • While entering the library, every student is required to enter his / her name and sign    the register kept at the Counter.   
    • Smoking, consumption of Gutka, Spitting and Strictly prohibited in the library premises.
    • The reader should not write in the book or damage book in any manner or damage book any property belonging to library.
    • If any book is lost, the reader shall have to replace the same and if any other property is damaged or broken, it shall be made good by reader and shall have to pay the value of same        as may be determined by the college, the minimum is 1.5 times the value of the book.
    • Periodicals will not be issued for home lending.
    • The issue of book for home lending is subject to the maintenance of deposit with the college.
    • This deposit will be refunded at the time of leaving the college .
    • Only one book will be Issued on the borrow card for a week, renewal of books allowed once      only.
    • Any book not returned on the date is subject to Late fee. of Rs.5/ per week after expiry of due date.
    • All the student should strictly note that they must carry their Identity card and should produce    the same whenever demanded by concerned staff. Book will be issued only on production of valid identity card and current library card.
    • Book will be issued only on production of valid Identity Card and current Library Card.
    • Loss of library card and borrower’s card should be reported at once Duplicate identity card / borrower’s card will be issue, but it any misuse is detected on the original card the student will be liable to make  good any such loss for Duplicate identity card / borrower’s card Rs.50/- will have to be paid. Therefore the identity as well as Borrower’s card should be kept very carefully and proper care should be taken to ensure that it well not lost only one book will be issued for home lending for period of one week.
    • Library may refuse to issue any book to any member or he may recall any book without  assigning any reason therefore.
    • Books already issued it needed by any member can be reserved by filling in the demand slip.
    • Teachers are entitled to borrow 10 books according to the prescribed syllabus, which is being  taught by them.
    • All book should be returned before 30th April or by the end of the term.
    • All student and the members of teaching staff are requested to extend their best cooperation at  all the times.


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