Library Rules


Library Rules & Regulations

General Instructions:

  • Library is open to bonafide members only.
  •   Membership is conferred to the faculty members, Non-teaching staff, and students of the BVDU IMED Pune 38
  • Outsiders may be allowed by the Librarian for consultation on production of recommendation of Principal / Director / Dean / HOD and photo identity card
  • All users must maintain peaceful environment of study within and around IMED library.
  • Talking, eating, smoking, sleeping is strictly prohibited.
  •  Use of Mobile Phone will result in cancellation of Library Membership.
  •   Laptops and Tablets may be used to access e-resources using  WiFi connectivity.
  • Member should produce their ID card for borrowing library documents. Borrowing rights of members are not transferable.
  •  Any violation of these LIBRARY Rules shall lead to forfeiture of the membership of concerned member. Appropriate disciplinary action may also be imposed.
  • Entry in LIBRARY premises is allowed only after verifying Identity Cards and should produce it on demand by any authorized LIBRARY staff.
  • A member must enter his / her name, address and time of entry and put his / her signatures legibly in the register kept at the entrance for the purpose as a token of his acceptance to abide by the LIBRARY rules.
  • Following articles that may cause undue inconvenience to other members are strictly prohibited inside the premises of IMED library.
    • Private books and printed matters other than belonging to LIBRARY.
    • Mobile phones, computer stationery, compact discs.
    •   Umbrella, briefcases, boxes and such other articles.
    • These may be kept outside in the belongings counter.

Use of IMED library Materials.


  1.  Member may use OPEC to ascertain availability of material needed by them as per entitlement.
  2. Members should visit Digital Library  to access e-journals, e-books and Online databases.
  3. Borrowers are requested for safe & careful use of Library documents and must ensure that the Library documents borrowed by them retained in sound condition.
  4.  Before borrowing Library documents, the members should ensure good condition of the documents. Any mutilations / damage should be brought to the notice of the In-charge of Circulation Counter. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage of the document(s) and he / she may have to replace the same or pay the damage 1.5 times of the cost of document.
  5.    For loss of a book by a member, he / she must replace by procuring it from the market.
  6.   In case of loss / damage of some issue of reference material, it has to be replaced or cost of the entire volume must be paid. In case of loss of a single part of a multi-volume publication, entire set will be recovered /replaced from the borrower.
  7.   No user shall write, or make any mark upon, fold, dog ear, damage, any document of the Library.
  8.    In case of issued book(s) in demand / reserved by other member, the book has to be returned back.
  9. The borrowed documents must be returned by the member on or before the due date. 
  10.  Journals are not for home lending, It is for only for reference.
  11.  Duplicate membership card will be issued @ Rs.100/- on production of FIR copy from the Police Station.

 Loan Privileges and Fine Policy:

The following are the loan privileges of different categories of members:


No. of Books


Fine Policy (per book per day)

Faculty Members



For Academic Year

No Fine

Research Scholars

3 (General)

30 Days

@Rs.1.00 up to 60 days, thereafter @Rs. 2.00 (Double)



1 (General)


 One Set(Book bank)

7 Days


End of semester

@Rs.1.00 up to 30 days, thereafter @Rs. 2.00 (Double the amount)


@ Rs. 200( One Time )


Officers / Non Teaching Staff


2 (General)

Academic Year

No Fine



'No Dues Certificate / Clearance) Certificate' must be obtained from IMED while leaving the institute. Result or degree or dues cannot be released to members, unless all borrowings are returned.


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